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Garage door springs should be adjusted or replaced by a trained professional. The reason for this is that, springs have very high tension and trying to adjust them may cause serious injury. In addition, replacing garage door springs requires the proper tools and have to be adjusted according to the doors weight.

Operating your garage door with a broken spring may cause damage to the garage opener. This happens because the opener is not meant to lift the entire weight of the garage door. The garage door springs are meant to carry the weight of the door, which allows the opener to lift the door with ease.

Garage Door Springs Lifespan

Garage door springs have a certain lifespan, depending on the usage of the garage door, garage door springs last about 7-10 years.

Once the spring breaks, the tension is released from the spring and it no longer holds the weight of the garage door. 

There are two types of garage door spring systems. Torsion spring and Extension spring systems. The torsion spring is a big spring located on top and in the middle of the garage door. Extension springs are located on the side of the door, one on each side.

Some garage doors have two torsion springs, usually both are replaced. Replacing one spring can cause the door to be misaligned. Usually not replacing both springs can cause the second spring to break a short while after. The same goes for the extension springs.

Replacing garage door springs is one of the most common garage door repairs. Our technicians carry many types of springs and each one is matched precisely for each garage door.

When in need of replacing your garage door springs, our technicians need to measure the spring on site to give you the exact cost. Since there are so many different types of springs we cannot give you an exact estimate over the phone.

Our springs are of high quality and very durable, replacing garage door springs should be done every 7-10 years. If you see signs or hear a weird noise from the spring system, it is recommended to have a technician replace them before the break.

At Towson Best Garage Doors, we know how frustrating an inoperative garage door can be. That is why we provide fast service even on weekends.

Dont let broken garage door springs prevent your door from working. Call us for fast and professional garage door service!