nylon garage door rollers
When You Should Replace Your Garage Door Rollers
April 24, 2019
nylon garage door rollers
When You Should Replace Your Garage Door Rollers
April 24, 2019
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10 Garage Door Decoration Ideas

A garage door is usually the first thing that people see in your home especially if it’s facing the street and people tend to make a first impression of your home just by looking at it. Garage doors are usually plain and simple and the paint and design is usually coordinated with the color and style of your home but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can actually add a little fun and creativity in your garage door and make use of themes per occasion or per season.

There are so many ways to decorate your garage door without having to spend so much on it. You can use different materials such as cutouts, paint, art papers, old newspapers and magazines, threads, and a whole lot more. Use your imagination and bring out the creative juices in you. You’ll be able to come up with a lot of ideas. Here are some ideas of what you can do to decorate your garage door to give you a jump start.

1. House with Many Doors

With no season or occasion in mind, you can paint small doors in your garage door and make it appear like it has many doors creating an impression that your house is made of many doors. It will look like an optic illusion and it will really catch the attention of people passing by. It will make people wonder if your house really has so many doors that are located right next to each other.

2. Floral-themed Garage Door

During spring or just about any time of the year, you can also decorate your garage door with different flowers to make it look like an extension of your garden. They make for a pleasant view. You can either use paint or use cutouts to put flowers on your garage door. The more colourful it is, the better it is. You can turn your garage door into a huge canvass and paint a garden with different kinds of flowers in it. It will give your home a positive and happy feel just by looking at it from the outside.

3. Autumn-themed Garage Door

It would be nice to see leaves all over your garage door during autumn. You could either use paint, cutouts, or even tape real leaves to your garage door. Aside from the falling leaves on the street, leaves on your garage door will make a perfect accent. You can use hues of red, brown, yellow, and green for the leaves or you could just use one color and fill the garage door with leaves. It will give your home a rustic and dramatic feel.

4. Pumpkin and Jack-o-Lanterns

To also give your home a rustic feel and to go with the halloween theme, you can use pumpkins of different sizes and put them beside your garage door along with some plants and accentuate the garage door with wreaths. You can leave the pumpkins as is or you can also create jack-o-lanterns out of them. The only disadvantage is that you would need to remove the pumpkins and plants every time you need to open the garage door.

5. Spider Web

You can create a huge spider web for halloween and set it up on your garage door. You can use construction paper or streamers to weave a spider web or also nets, knitting threads, straw strings, or other strings. You can cut out a giant spider and stick them on the web to entertain the trick-or-treaters who will be knocking on your home on halloween.

6. Scary Halloween Decoration

If you want to scare the trick-or-treaters for halloween, instead of using cute decorations to attract those cute little kids, you could also use the more scary ones making people feel that they’re in a horror house. You can use black art paper or construction paper to cut out a creepy silhouette of witches, a cauldron, giant trees with a scary owl, scary black cats, and scary looking jack-o-lanterns. To add more effect and to make them look even more scary, you can add backlighting to it.

7. Valentine-themed Garage Door

On Valentine’s day or for the whole month of February, you can decorate your garage door with a giant heart to give the neighbourhood a nice feel and to make each one passing by and looking at your garage door feel loved. Spread love around you by doing this. You can also use small hearts instead and stick them all over the garage door with cutouts of cupids to make it more cute and a little less attention seeking than the giant heart.

8. Library Garage Door

A library would be a good idea for a garage door especially if you have a lot of old books and magazines that you are no longer using but it would take a lot of time and effort to do this. Once you are able to pull this of, it will be something unique and pleasing to the eyes. Simply collect old books and magazines from your book shelf or ask your family or friends to donate books and magazines that they are no longer using. Put the books together by using a strong adhesive or glue and stick them on the garage door as if these books are lined up in a book shelf. You can either put the books together showing only the side creating an illusion of a books shelf or you could also stick them on your garage door making it seem like a magazine stand.

9. Giant Gift

A great idea for Christmas is to turn your garage door into one giant gift. You can use ribbons, art materials, paint, or even other recycled materials like old magazines to create an illusion of a giant gift. Simply create a ribbon and a fancy bow and it would be as simple as that. You can use something red to make it look like a Christmas gift or you could even use different colors to match the occasion or season like black and orange for halloween or silver and gold for weddings. You can accentuate the ribbon by adding backlighting or outlining the ribbon with Christmas lights to make it more attractive at night.

10. Christmas-themed Garage Door

People often decorate their homes during the Christmas season and garage doors are also included for some. You can decorate your garage doors with garland, ribbons, and lights to make it simple but if you have the budget to turn your home into an attention seeking winter illuminated home, you can also do that by using different lights and decorations that would for sure be the center of attraction in your neighborhood. Winter illuminations especially those colorful ones are very festive and attractive to the eyes. Give that same feel to your home by filling your garage door with lights of different colors.