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Having trouble with your garage door? Unable to fully open it? You might have a problem with your springs. At Towson Best Garage Doors Repair, we offer same-day service at reasonable prices. We believe that each customer deserves a professional and reliable service. Our expert technicians are well-trained with garage door spring repairs and they perform the job safely, quickly, and correctly. Additionally, the springs we work with are highly durable and are made out of exceptional quality.

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Unfortunately, despite being relatively strong, some parts of a garage door may wear out especially when they are used multiple times a day. This is due to the fact that the garage door performs a lot of heavy lifting, lowering, and raising in a day and it can eventually lead to its breakdown.

One of the most common issues with garage doors is broken springs. The spring is used to supply the energy that lifts your garage door. It is common that metal parts such as springs eventually wear out. Garage door springs can last up to about 7 years. The springs endure much stress and tension that comes from supporting the door’s heavy weight. Hence, there is a strong chance that the garage door springs would be the first to break down. When one of the springs breaks, the garage door cannot function properly. Moreover, if you try to manually open or close the garage door, you will notice that the garage door feels very heavy to lift or it may slam down hard when you try to close it.

Most garage doors have two springs installed but if one of the springs breaks, it’s safer to replace them both because the second spring’s lifespan has almost expired. If you don’t replace both springs, you might experience other garage door issues in the future.

The springs have a direct impact on the balance of the garage door. Since garage doors come in many different sizes, it is crucial to choose the right size of springs in order to balance the garage door. If you install the wrong size of spring, it might cause damage to your garage door system. This is why it is better to contact a professional garage door company. Our technicians are qualified to diagnose any kind of garage door issue and they will be able to choose the right springs for you.

Every time you set up an appointment with us, our technicians will start with a safety inspection. Once they’re done with the spring inspection, they will make sure your garage door runs smoothly and there are no other issues.

If you are about to have a garage door spring repair, the first step would be to determine the type of garage door spring that you have. There are two types of garage door springs: torsion springs and extension springs.

Extension springs are located on the tracks on each side of the door. They extend when the door closes and loosen when the garage door opens. Inside the extension spring, there is a safety cable that prevents the springs from popping out and causing damage when they break. Attached to the springs are a pulley wheel and a set of cables that are responsible for the lifting of the door. The downside to extension springs is that you cannot control their tension compared to the torsion springs.

Torsion Springs can come as a single spring or as a pair of springs depending on the size of your garage door. They are placed above and parallel to the opening of the garage door where the springs slide onto a shaft. The shaft keeps the springs from flying out and causing damage when they break. It adds extra safety to the torsion spring system. When torsion springs are installed, their tension is modified to fit the garage door’s size. There are some advantages in favor of the torsion springs: They last longer, their operation is smoother, and they are safer.

• How Garage Door Springs Work

The spring is an integral part of the garage door. Its main function is to assist both the manual or mechanical closing and opening of the door. Without the springs, it will be almost impossible to lift and lower the garage door manually or automatically. The main reason the springs undergo tension and a lot of pressure is that they help lift and lower the heavy garage door while it’s being opened and closed. Their purpose is to provide the energy and support when lifting the garage door while the cables attached to them do the actual lifting.

• What Not to Do After the Springs Break

When you notice that your springs broke, do not try to lift the door manually or with the help of an electric opener. The door is extremely heavy. Attempting to lift the door manually can cause you personal damage.

Additionally, trying to open up the broken door with the electric opener will likely cause additional damages to the opener because garage door openers are manufactured to lift doors only with the help of the garage door spring. If the spring is damaged, using the opener solely when attempting to move the heavy garage door will likely damage the electric motor.

In addition to broken springs, other common issues with garage doors include worn-out rollers and hinges, broken cables, and malfunctioning openers. Regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent these issues from occurring and prolong the lifespan of your garage door.

To ensure the safety and proper functioning of your garage door, it is important to have it inspected and maintained by a professional technician at least once a year. They can identify any potential issues and make necessary repairs or replacements to keep your garage door in top working condition.

• Why Should You Trust a Professional?

It is tempting to try and fix the garage door yourself, but there are many safety precautions that you may be unaware of.

It is not advised to replace your garage springs without proper training and tools. Firstly, the springs carry a lot of tension on them. Not knowing how to handle them properly can cause you and your surroundings personal damage. Secondly, the lack of knowledge and experience choosing the right springs can cause serious harm to your garage door and opener.

You shouldn’t concern yourself with the hurdle of replacing the springs yourself. Let our experts do the job for you and ensure safety and expertise throughout the whole process. Don’t hesitate and give us a call!