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If you need garage door repair service in Owings Mills, we are the company for you! We are proud to serve our community in Owings Mills and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of services, including garage door repair, garage door installation, and garage door opener repair and more.

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We have been repairing and installing garage doors throughout Owings Mills MD for over 15 years. Our technicians are highly experienced and are easily able to fix most anything concerning overhead garage doors. Our techs are friendly and knowledgeable, having been rigorously trained to meet our standards of excellence, and are well able to answer any questions or concerns that our clients may have. Once the job is approved, they start on the job immediately, quickly restoring your garage door to premium working condition. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal – call us today and see for yourself!

At Towson Best Garage Doors Repair, we refuse to compromise on the quality of our products. The last thing any homeowner needs are expensive repairs that don’t last because the repairman used cheap, faulty parts. We use only professional-grade, warrantied products by manufacturers like Amarr, Wayne Dalton, Liftmaster, Craftsman, and Chamberlain to ensure first-rate repairs and service. For the best garage door repairs and installations that will reliably perform for years, give us a call!


Garage Door Spring Repair

Every garage owner knows just what a hassle a broken spring can be. Usually, they break at the most inopportune times, like when you have a doctor’s visit or need to get the kids to school on time. Also, it is a very tricky repair to try and do yourself. So many questions! First of all, what size spring works best for the weight of your garage door? What type of spring do you need, torsion or extension? Should you change out just one spring or two? Then, there is the changing out of the spring itself. Springs are under immense pressure since they act as the counterbalance to the heavy weight of the garage door (often several hundred pounds). Because the spring carries this much tension, it can be very dangerous to replace if you do not have the experience or know-how. Let the pros at Towson Best Garage Doors Repair handle this for you. We have same-day service available for emergency repairs on broken springs, and our trucks are fully stocked with over 150 different springs to cover any size residential door. For the best spring service for your garage door, give Towson Best a call today!

Garage Door Opener Repair

The garage door opener has come quite a long way from the simple pulley mechanism it started out as in the late 1920’s. With today’s technology, homeowners expect much more in convenience and safety. Now, most openers are complicated electric motors that utilize Wi-Fi to connect safety sensors, remotes, keypads, and smart devices that all need to be in perfect alignment to operate flawlessly. Towson Best technicians have years of experience in trouble-shooting and fixing opener issues, and our techs carry with them all the specialized tools and proper parts for Liftmaster, Craftsman, or Chamberlain openers, including new remotes and safety sensor kits. So, whether the opener needs to be reprogrammed, a gear has worn down, a chain has slipped off, or travel limits need to be adjusted, our technicians come fully prepared. Call us at Towson Best Garage Doors Repair for prompt and professional opener repair!

Garage Door Cable Repair

If you’re having problems with your garage door cables, we can help. We offer garage door cable repair services in Owings Mills. We can also replace your garage door cables if they are damaged beyond repair. The cables on your garage door are important because they help to balance the door. If one of the cables breaks, the door will become unbalanced and can fall. Our technicians will make sure that your garage door cables are in good working condition.

If you live in Owings Mills and you need new cables for your garage door, call us today!

Garage Door Opener Installation

As we stated earlier, today’s garage opener technology has come a long way, allowing for more reliability and security than ever before. Towson Best Garage Doors Repair proudly carries Liftmaster openers, the number one rated opener with one of the best warranties on the market. Liftmaster openers come equipped with patented Liftmaster MyQ technology that allows homeowners to monitor and work their garage doors remotely. This specialized cloud-based software syncs smart device cellphones and home networks directly to the garage door, which is the ultimate in convenience and safety. Liftmaster openers are warrantied for years of service, whether the industrial chain drive or the quieter, but more powerful belt drive with battery backup. For the convenience of same day installation, Towson Best technicians keep Liftmaster openers stocked on their trucks – call us today!

Garage Door Roller Replacement

The garage door rollers are what allow your door to open and close smoothly. If you’re having problems with your garage door rollers, we can help. We offer roller garage door repair services in Owings Mills. We can also replace your garage door rollers if they are damaged beyond repair.

Our technicians are experts in garage door roller repair and they will be able to get your door working like new again. The best garage door rollers are made of nylon because they are less likely to break and they last longer.

If you live in Owings Mills and you need new rollers for your garage door, call us today!

Garage Door Installation

Towson Best Garage Doors Repair also specializes in garage doors installations in the Owings Mills, MD area. Our technicians are experts at assisting homeowners at choosing the perfect new garage door for their home. Homeowners have different needs and wants for their garage doors, and Towson Best works to have something for everyone. For someone on a budget, we have standard, white, in-stock garage doors that can be installed quickly. For those interested in elegant designs, we have beautiful steel doors with the look and feel of real wood that will compliment even the most upscale home. For the energy conscious, we have stylish doors with colorful coatings that can come with triple layered insulation that will truly save on energy bills. And, we also have heavy steel doors made to discourage the most determined of thieves. Whatever the desire, Towson Best has you covered. A new garage door is a worthwhile investment that pays one back in increased performance, curb appeal, market value, security, and energy efficiency – give us a call!

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Commercial Overhead Garage Door Repairs in Owings Mills, md

Commercial Overhead Garage Door Repairs

For business owners, a broken commercial overhead garage door can mean a substantial loss in revenue. Theft of inventory, damaged goods related to weather and rodents, and interrupted workflow in day-to-day operations can all contribute to a downturn in profit. Towson Best understands each commercial project is unique, and we offer customized repair options accordingly. Our technicians offer many services including heavy-duty spring replacement, opener repair or replacement, cable replacement, roller replacement, and repair for off-track doors. Many of our commercial customers request yearly tune-ups, which keeps garage doors performing optimally and prevents expensive repairs down the line. Our technicians lubricate tracks and inspect springs, cables, rollers, opener function, making sure all the parts are in working order. Give us a call and see why satisfied business owners in Owings Mills, MD rely on Towson Best Garage Doors Repair.

Commercial Garage Door Services

Commercial Overhead Garage Door Installations

Business owners spend considerable time and money in safeguarding their company and its assets. They finance comprehensive business insurance, such as professional liability, property, vehicle, and business interruption. Owners invest in secure data storage and building security with heavy duty locks and alarm systems. But how many understand how valuable a strong, working garage door is for asset protection? In truth, commercial garage doors are security guards on duty 24/7, protecting your business when you can’t. A well-built, fully functioning garage door discourages would-be thieves and, just as importantly, advises customers that you take your business seriously, as you would theirs. Towson Best Garage Doors Repair offers business owners in Owings Mills, MD only the best in professional-grade, steel sectional doors engineered for years of durable, trustworthy performance. Call today for a free estimate!